DBIA Competition Accepting Team Applications

The application for the DBIA Competition is now open to those that are interested. A resume and cover letter explaining why you want to be on a team and what assets you would contribute to the teams is due by May 5th. Send resume’s and cover letters to dbia.wsu@gmail.com.

Designers - This is a great opportunity to get a different type of experience with design, involving “real world” design problems which can be better solved through the application of your creativity. It’s the little experiences and involvements like DBIA which will set you apart from your peers when its time to search for internships and jobs. After the competition you can continue to be involved with our club, activities, and even attend the DBIA Conference in Philadelphia this November.

Construction Managers – The experience you will have with the competition will set you up for success by exposing you to a common format for problems and competitions within your Construction Management career (school and industry). The wide variety of skills and application of knowledge will only further strengthen your understanding of the construction management process.

Everyone – You may feel like you don’t know what DBIA is all about; or what the competition entails – and that’s ok. Honestly, the best way is just to dive in head first. The first portion of the competition only lasts 11 days, so if you’re worried about a huge time commitment… don’t be! If you’ve been wanting to get involved this is a great first step, and you’ll become more familiar with your peers and upperclassmen. The following is the schedule for the competition for your convenience:

2017 Student Competition Schedule

Phase 1​ ​
Team Registration April 17, 2017 –
September 6, 2017
Letter of Intent (LOI) from Team Faculty Advisor Due September 12, 2017
Request for Qualifications Issued September 13, 2017
Virtual RFQ Meeting – Mandatory September 14, 2017
Request for Qualifications Due September 25, 2017
Region Competition Winners Announced October 3, 2017
Phase 2​ ​
Request for Proposals Issued October 4, 2017
Virtual RFP Meeting – Mandatory October 5, 2017
Request for Proposals Due October 16, 2017
Three Short-listed Teams Announced October 25, 2017
​Proposal Presentation in Philadelphia ​November 9, 2017
​National Competition Winner Announced ​November 10, 2017
2017 Design-Build Conference & Expo​ ​