Computational Design Workshops and Lecture

IDR Studios (Arch 513 and ID 426) and the School of Design and Construction are pleased to welcome Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga from MIT School of Architecture as our guest workshop presenter and speaker.

Carlos Sandoval Olascoaga is an architect that specializes in computational design and urban computing. Before joining the Design and Computation Group at MIT, he was a research scientist at UC Berkeley, investigating the convergence of design, data science, and social sciences. In the past four years, Carlos has been a Lecturer at UC Berkeley and a Visiting Professor at UNAM, and has taught computational design seminars and workshops in the United States, Italy, China and Mexico. His work has been supported by numerous fellowships, more recently by the IDEA Studio Fellowship at Autodesk, the National Council of Science and Technology, and the Jumex Foundation for Contemporary Arts. Carlos holds a Master of Science in Architecture from MIT, a Master of Architecture from UC Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Architecture with distinction from UNAM in Mexico.

Saturday, February 27th, and Monday, February 29th, 1:30-4:30 PM, at Carpenter hall room 312

“Flows, Bits, Relationships” on Monday, February 29th, 5:00-6:00 PM at Carpenter hall room 101

Computational Design Workshops and Lecture (PDF)

Computational Design Workshops and Lecture-1