Landscape Architecture Students Use Biophilic Designs in Reconsideration of Mill Creek

Washington State University Landscape Architecture students are creating a conceptual master plan for the restoration of a 1-mile section of Mill Creek in downtown Walla Walla, WA. Implementing concepts of biophilic design, students are creating a place where Walla Wallans can find a place in nature and the natural world (Mill Creek) can find its place in human society.

Last year, members of the community began a collective dialogue we hope to continue, ultimately bridging us closer to reconnecting this amazing natural resource with our built environment.

Presentations will take place at the Water & Environmental Center | WWCC, 500 Tausick Way, in Walla Walla, WA on Monday, November 2, 2015, from 7-9 p.m.

For more information see and Mill Creek Flyer (PDF).

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WSU Engineering and Architecture Students Create Trash Insulation

As originally featured in the Daily Evergreen: Thursday, September 24, 2015 By Kelsey Bowers

With cold months approaching and energy’s high cost, it may be a struggle this winter to keep homes warm as snow begins to fall. Undergraduate students at WSU have recently been sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency to develop the idea of “TrashWalls;” literally, walls made of trash.

Nathan Conklin, a mechanical engineering student working on the project team, said the walls are made to insulate and will allow a room to retain heat efficiently. “Some people spend up to 40 percent of their monthly income on heating their houses,” Conklin said. … » More …

Study Abroad Students Attend Berlin Summit and Meet with Daniel Libeskind

November 2015

These weeks are going very well. We had some great time visiting Bilbao, San Sebastian, and Berlin, we got plenty of new ideas working on the Studio projects at IaaC, and we definitely had lots of fun here in Barcelona! The Berlin Summit included a lecture and meeting with the famed Daniel Libeskind. “This was a great experience, because as an architecture student I was able to compare educational experiences and learn from my peers’ educational experiences. Moreover, we had a great chance to join the lecture of Daniel Libeskind and even have one hour meeting with Daniel discussing all our questions regarding his work … » More …

School of Design and Construction Creates First Integrated Design Research Studio

WSU News: Students present Smart City Spokane midterm designs

WSU News: Design students bridge disparate Spokane neighborhoods

As the first SDC Integrated Design Research Studio, students from Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture, will collaborate to create design solutions for Spokane’s University District in conjunction with SMART.CITY|SPOKANE.

This effort is an integrated design research collaborative that will explore emergent ideas associated with the Smart City – data driven decision making, interactive environments, and an internet of things. Our work will investigate how the built environment can use Smart City ideas to facilitate resource management, build community, and promote health … » More …

Fall Semester 2016 Important Events and Reminders

August 22 (Monday): First Day of Classes.

August 24 (Wednesday): SDC Graduate Student Orientation. 1:10pm-2:00pm, Carpenter Hall, Room 312. Graduate students required; all SDC faculty and staff welcome.

August 25 (Thursday): VCEA Ice Cream Social, 3:00pm-5:00pm, ETRL Courtyard. All SDC students, faculty, and staff welcome.

August 26 (Friday): All-SDC Welcome and All-SDC BBQ at 5pm on north side of Carpenter Hall/Thompson Flats. All SDC students, faculty, and staff welcome.

This year’s version of the “WE ARE SDC” t-shirt will be handed out at the BBQ!

September 15 (Thursday): CAHNRS Fall Festival, Spillman Plaza, 3:00-5:00pm.

October 2 (Sunday) to October 5 (Wednesday): Seattle Study Tour/Job Shadow (Lnd_Arch 222)

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Landscape Architecture Alumnus Honored for Volunteer Efforts

Lucas Vannice; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (WSU; May 2014)

As featured in the August 2015 WASLA Washington Chapter Newsletter

It is my absolute pleasure to write this piece about a great friend, colleague, and fellow Coug – Lucas Vannice.  Lucas is our outstanding volunteer this month for the tremendous work he has put in as the Public Relations and Communications committee chair. Let’s just say that he is perfect for this position, as he is one of the most outgoing and engaging individuals I’ve had the delight of meeting. You may have all met him at the last … » More …