Capstone project presentations

Senior students in Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Construction Management, and Architecture, all participated in senior capstone presentations in Seattle at the end of spring semester. The broader intentions of the Westside capstone presentations are to facilitate further connections to industry representatives, allow students to have more prolonged interactions with practitioners, and “up the ante” around their projects’ significance.

Landscape Architecture seniors presented their projects to a jury composed of members of the Washington State Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (WASLA). Interior Design students worked with reviewers from NBBJ, and Construction Management and Architecture students presented collaborative work involving a project sponsored by Vulcan … » More …

WSU students design memorial for fallen veterans

As featured in WSU Insider

By Siddharth Vodnala Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

Lt. Eric Hedeen was returning to his base in Diego Garcia, an island in the Indian Ocean, during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

An alumnus of Washington State University’s School of Design and Construction, he was serving as an electronic warfare officer in the U.S. Air Force during the first Gulf War.

Suddenly, the B-52 aircraft that he was flying in began developing electrical and mechanical problems. As the engines failed at 2,000 feet, the crew members ejected.

While three of his crewmates managed to eject safely, Hedeen was one … » More …

Outdoor learning lab approaches finish line

Project for Jefferson Elementary in Pullman has been aided by WSU landscape architecture students

By Scott Jackson, Daily News staff writer May 3, 2019

With spring underway and summer in sight, Jefferson Elementary in Pullman held a celebration of its partially completed outdoor learning lab Thursday, promising students the space will be ready for use when they return in the fall.

The project, located in a “U” shaped courtyard between the major wings of the school, will incorporate five learning zones, including a small amphitheater, an edible garden and a nature journaling area.

“We’ll pretty much be completed with the zones by the end of … » More …

Study abroad inspires design student’s plan to aid refugees

As featured in WSU Insider

By Siddharth Vodnala Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

When Chien-yi Chu spent a semester abroad in Liverpool in the United Kingdom in the fall of 2017, she fell in love with the city. She loved the architecture, food, and especially, the diversity.

But Chu, a master’s student in WSU’s School of Design and Construction, also noticed signs that the city’s multicultural fabric was fraying at the edges. Liverpool was taking in a refugee population from the Middle East who were fleeing war. Arriving with few possessions, many of the refugees were having trouble finding jobs, housing and adjusting … » More …

Students develop sustainability ideas in urban summer studios

School of Design and Construction graduate students are developing ideas for sustainable and healthy community development through two summer architecture studios in Spokane and Seattle.

The seven-week summer urban design and architecture workshops run from mid-May until the end of June, bringing students and academics together with design professionals in an urban setting. The students focus on urban design; alternative and sustainable infrastructure, and housing in the urban environment.

The programs are training graduate architecture students while moving the community forward on implementing sustainable architecture and design in the region.


One of the programs, sponsored by Spokane’s Uptic Studios, is led by Matthew … » More …

Go Cougs! Featured highlights from spring

WSU Insider featured Mona Ghandi’s new inflatable structure studio project, Pneu World. The Inlander also wrote a story on the project.

The Daily Evergreen featured a story on Steve Austin.

The Daily Evergreen featured Phil Gruen’s student WSU architectural research project to compose an informational booklet that will help guide future builders to be consistent with campus design standards.

Graduate students Haley Ladenburg, Sean Anderson, and Tobias Jimenez were named winners of the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment’s Top Ten for Students Design Competition.

Award-winning interior design student Keyaira Mumford was featured in the Daily Evergreen.

Getting kids outdoors and away from their screens

As featured in WSU Insider, by Jakob Thorington, WSU News

April 22, 2019

With children spending alarmingly less time outdoors, Mona Ghandi and her architectural design students might have found an innovative way to begin changing that.

Ghandi, an assistant professor at Washington State University’s School of Design and Construction is working to develop a new inflatable playground at WSU’s Children’s Center with her design studio class. The structure, Pneu World, will open on April 24 at 2 p.m., replacing the outdated playground that existed prior and encouraging children to play outside.

Rendering of an inflatable playground being ... <a href=» More …

Student team named winners of architecture prize

As featured in WSU Insider, By Lillie Williams, Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

April 22, 2019

A Washington State University student team was one of the 2019 winners of the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA COTE) Top Ten for Students Design Competition.

With their design for a waste to energy power plant, the students were one of 10 teams selected nationally out of 172 entries and almost 500 students. The team included graduate students Haley Ladenburg, Sean Anderson, and Tobias Jimenez. Their faculty sponsor was Omar Al-Hassawi, assistant professor in the School of Design and Construction.

The annual … » More …