Architecture student’s art makes splash in Wazzu sports community

As featured on KREM 2 News (Author: Brenna Greene; Published: 3:40 PM PDT October 9, 2018)

“It’s definitely unique. Not a lot of people are in my position. It’s kind of a self-made kind of territory, if that even makes sense.” Andrew Cho is a junior at WSU, an architecture student, and, oh yeah, goes viral from time to time.

“A complete drawing like this would take me about 2-3 days if I sat down and worked, let’s say, five hours-ish a day,” said Cho.

Cho has become well known for his extremely life-like drawings of mostly WSU football players, with his latest being of quarterback Gardner Minshew. “I figured why not give our starting quarterback a drawing, and here we are.”

Here’s the deal though—This whole endeavor? Well it only started a year ago.

Gardner Minshew (Uncle Rico) - WSU Football       Finished drawing of Chris Petersen (UW) and Mike Leach (WSU)

“I think that’s what surprises people. I started drawing last October and that’s when I started drawing one of the student athletes here, and that’s when it took off. A lot of people are surprised when they ask me. I haven’t taken an art class ever really. This was kind of a spontaneous thing that just happened.”

What isn’t spontaneous though, is who Cho decides to draw.

“Right now I’m really focused on getting as many of our WSU athletes that I can, because A. I love the Cougs, and I want to keep the whole go by team aspect. Not kind of draw one athlete and then another school and another school. I want to see progression. The Cougs definitely have number one precedence over any school athletes that reach out to me.”

Cho has certainly reached the Wazzu community, and because of that he finds himself in a rare spot.

“The support that I get is not just from the students here or the players here but from Coug fans, Coug alumni all over the country. I never thought I’d be in a position to represent our university so it’s honestly one of the greatest opportunities I think I could’ve gotten, that I essentially made myself if that makes sense.”