2017 Landscape Performance Education Grant Recipients Announced

To help university landscape architecture programs integrate landscape performance into their curriculum, the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s (LAF) Landscape Performance Education Grants allow select university faculty to develop and test new approaches for standard courses.

Their teaching materials and reflections are then shared through the Resources for Educators section of LAF’s LandscapePerformance.org. Landscape performance is part of the the revised LAAB Accreditation Standards, which take effect starting with landscape architecture programs scheduled for accreditation reviews this fall.

Students must learn necessary skills to predict outcomes, assess alternatives, defend design proposals, and evaluate environmental, social, and economic performance of landscape projects. Over the last four years, LAF has awarded a total of $50,000 in Landscape Performance Education Grants to university faculty.

Washington State University’s Hope Hui Rising was one of five $2,500 grant recipients for the fall 2017 semester for LND_ARCH 327, Theory in Landscape Architecture. This course for juniors will develop “Resilient by Design” as an emerging theory of landscape architecture for climate adaptation. The many different aspects of resilience will be used to evaluate historic and contemporary precedents and to distill spatiotemporally transferable design guidelines for adaptive landscapes.

Students will create generic prototypes for design, which target various aspects of multi-dimensional resilience, and then generate alternatives for test cases. These test sites will be evaluated and fine-tuned to maximize resilience as students explore new metrics for evaluating performance.