2017 AIA Spokane Architecture Month celebration will Go Tiny to make a Big Impact

The 2017 AIA Spokane Architecture Month celebration will Go Tiny to make a Big Impact. Tiny homes, small footprint, shared spaces will all be featured.

During this month-long celebration, the committee will offer the 3rd Annual Student Design Competition and 2-day trip, workshops – including possible partnerships with Cascadia and the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), tours, keynote speakers and displays. Architecture Month will wrap-up with a Student Design Awards celebration at the end of April.

Assistant Professor Mona Ghandi is investing her third year studio’s time toward the student design competition. In Mona’s words she describes the experience of her students for the semester:

“In the first half of the semester, each student will design a homeless shelter that meets the criteria of the competition. In the second half of the semester students will collaboratively build a 1:1 scale of the chosen shelter to be showcased at the 3rd Annual AIA Spokane Awards Show and at Riverpark Square for two weeks. Then, in coordination with local organizations, the goal is to initiate the usage of the built prototype for the summer. The long term goal is working with the city of Spokane for continuing this idea in future years through a pilot program. All of the students’ projects will be exhibited at the AIA Spokane award show on April 27th – 28th.”

Interested in learning more or in volunteering? Check out the AIA Spokane-Goes Tiny Planning Committee public group on Facebook for updates.

Questions? Email Jose Barajas or Dave Buescher with AIA Spokane, or David Wang, WSU Architecture Program Head.