• Wild Color: Architectural experiments in color physiology

  • Peschel awarded with distinguished professorship, college teaching award

  • Is this the homeless shelter of the future? Architecture students create prototype

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    Saturday, May 6 from 11am-12pm in the Carpenter Hall Gallery

DBIA Competition Accepting Team Applications


The application for the DBIA Competition is now open to those that are interested. A resume and cover letter explaining why you want to be on a team and what assets you would contribute to the teams is due by May 5th. Send resume’s and cover letters to dbia.wsu@gmail.com.

Designers - This is a great opportunity to get a different type of experience with design, involving “real world” design problems which can be better solved through the application of your creativity. It’s the little experiences and involvements like DBIA which will set you apart from your peers when its time to search for internships and … » More …

Peschel awarded with distinguished professorship, college teaching award

Jason 2

On Tuesday, Dick Silliman, Executive Vice President of Hoffman Construction was on the WSU Pullman campus. Dick has been instrumental in helping to advance WSU’s Construction Management program. To honor him and his 40th anniversary with the company, Hoffman generously established the Richard L. Silliman Distinguished Professorship in Estimating.

A distinguished professorship is an academic honor, designed to recognize distinctive and outstanding service to the university community, and a named professorship is one of the highest honors a faculty member can receive. The Silliman Professorship is to be awarded in recognition of excellence in teaching, specifically in the area of estimating. Tuesday, in front of … » More …

Is this the homeless shelter of the future? Architecture students create prototype


There are approximately 1,185 homeless people living in Spokane, including about 170 homeless families, most of which are suffering from the extreme consequences of poverty. Washington state University’s third-year architecture studio led by assistant professor Mona Ghandi is a Homeless Shelter Design build studio, and it aims at designing an affordable, portable, flexible, and self-stand shelter for homeless, using computational design and emergent technologies.


By using the potentials embedded in emergent technologies and material behavior, students have fabricated a shelter that can better serve homeless people and bring them back their dignity. The benefits … » More …

Pullman Arts Commission seeking public input on bus stop designs

Bus Stop

The Pullman Arts Commission is asking for public input on four prospective designs to enhance a bus stop in Pullman. The designs are on display at Neill Public Library through Monday 04/10/17.

The public is encouraged to rank designs in order of preference. Commissioners will consider public input as they develop a design recommendation for the City Council.

Designed by the WSU Collaborative: Architecture: Hamid Esmaeillou, Mohamed Ismail, Ayad Rahmani; Fine Arts: Kira Walters, Collin Horner, Ashley Lopez, Squeak Meisel; Interior Design: Victoria Page, Kathleen Ryan; Engineering: James Reyes, Quinton Lum, Jacob Leachman

Bus Stop

WSU SURCA Poster Event Leads to 51 Awards to 57 Undergraduate Researchers |Six students from the SDC

SURCA 2017

“Every SURCA student participant learned something new through their research as well as contributed knowledge to their field,” said Mary F. Wack, vice provost for undergraduate education. “They also demonstrated considerable effort and had the confidence to deliver a high-quality SURCA presentation to their peers and the public.

“We are inspired by each and every one of those students, and proud that SURCA goes a great distance every year to advance research and help WSU deliver transformational educational experiences to undergraduates in every way.”

Arts and Design 

Gray awards (2): Hamidreza Esmaeillou, Quinton Lum, Victoria Page, and James Reyes, mentor Kathleen Ryan, on “Co-Design of a Bus Shelter: … » More …

Interested in Becoming a Student Ambassador for the School of Design and Construction? Apply Today!

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The Student Ambassador program for the School of Design and Construction seeks to enhance the college experience for prospective and current students at Washington State University. Ambassadors serve as liaisons to the school and representatives at all recruitment and retention programs.

They provide invaluable insight to prospective students and help them understand what it is to be a college student today. Student Ambassadors understand the benefits of higher education and advocate the option for all throughout our diverse community.


Candidates need to be certified into the School of Design and Construction. Candidates should be comfortable communicating with the public. Candidates must have a minimum … » More …